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geomarketing africa services

GeoMarketing Africa always has friendly staff on hand to offer you their services. They offer the following consulting services:

• Spatial projects and presentations.
• We can assist you with setup and manipulation of any new data sets, spatial data, tables and maps.
• We can help with optimising display, analysis, distribution and presentation of client data.
• Linking client data to various geographies.
• Storage, maintenance and updating of datasets.

  Geocoding is the process of giving geographic coordinates to physical addresses by means of spatial data.

  Our Spatial XL maps include geodemographics, whereby the specific demographics can be portrayed geographically on the map
  for you to see where your target markets for your business are situated.

Geo-Marketing Analysis
  Geomarketing is the process of geographical intelligence being brought into certain aspects of marketing in the form of a digital,
   interactive map.

Geo-Mapping Software
  Our software, like all world-class geographic information systems (GIS) consists of many application products and it perfectly
  combines geographical data with digitally interactive maps.