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GeoMarketing Africa Footprint

GeoMarketing Africa (GMA) evolved through the partnership of a group of market research experts and Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists who recognised the need for a company that specialises in geomarketing services for market research in companies, as well as corporates, throughout Africa.

Once their market research and GIS experience and skills were combined, GeoMarketing Africa was born.

Today, as a dynamic company working on multiple projects throughout Africa, we are committed to serving a growing client base.

Our vision is to be the leader of geomarketing solutions in Africa.

Our mission is to enrich decision-making and market intelligence by providing outstanding, innovative geomarketing solutions to all of our clients.

  Our combined market research and
Geographic Information System (GIS)
expertise positions us as one of the leading
geomarketing facilities in Africa.

Our product software,
based in Microsoft Excel,
is user-friendly and a powerful
tool for viewing, exploring and
analysing business data in a
geographical context.

We have an in-depth understanding
of consumer and trade environment
across Africa.


You can have immediate access to up-to-date
demographic and socio-economic statistics.

We offer customised and flexible solutions
which saves you time and costs.

Our collecting, managing and linking
of geographic and market-related information
is extremely effective.

Our software products and services provide
both advanced statistical and spatial analysis.





Many people would be surprised to learn that over 80% of business-related data has a geographical component.
  Our services can be utilised by multiple sectors including:

• Advertising
• Architecture
• Communication
• Corporate entities
• Engineering


• Financial services
• FMCG industry
• Hospitality and entertainment
• IT
• Market research

• Local and national government
• Pharmaceutical
• Property development
• Transport and town planning
  Keep in mind that as long as the data from your business has a geographical component, it can be integrated, analysed and mapped to provide
you with an intelligent, value-added business solution.

At GeoMarketing Africa, we take pride in being the one-stop-shop for spatial solutions thanks to our mapping software and our professional relationship with map data providers.

Some of the world’s leading software developers provide our mapping software, which is based on GIS technology used throughout the world.

We also have a close working relationship with leading map data providers throughout Africa for specific map datasets, including street data, census/demographics, retail data and many more.

We have a close working relationship with leading map data providers for map datasets such as street data, census/demographics,
retail data etc. throughout Africa, making us a one stop shop for spatial solution.

Below are just some of the current measures available:

• Population figures
• Population density
• Population growth

• Income
• LSM index
• Age
• Unemployment, etc.

This information is available down to a suburb level in South Africa. Data can be provided at various other levels within Africa and is country specific. The available data is linked to maps.