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GeoMarketing Africa (GMA) was founded in 2008 and specialises in integrating and mapping geographical information, with market research, for your business.

In other words, our software is able to combine data from various sources, which then gets displayed visually on a map. This visual, spatial data makes it easier for you to organise, plan and review
the marketing and sales activities – such as trends and
relationships - of your industry in specific areas; which ultimately leads to better and intelligent business decisions.

The company provides software solutions which are extremely
user-friendly, as they allow clients to map their data into and from Microsoft Excel.

GeoMarketing Africa also offers consultancy services where they do the mapping for their clients. If you need data of a specific factor, such as census/population data or market-related data, they can
also provide these specific data sets for you.

Any business that needs data to be provided and viewed in a spatial context can make use of GeoMarketing Africa, who proudly offer their products and services globally. Their product and services extend throughout Africa, after they obtained their own clients through corporate connections in South Africa.

The company combines the strengths of more than 20 years of market research experience and specialist Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff with access to a broad range of GIS databases and specialist technology.


- Spatial XL
- Spatial Publisher – Reader
- Route XL
- Locate XL
- Spatial Server


Link Client data
Spatial projects and
  presentations, etc

Geo-Marketing Analysis
Geocoding, etc


- Strategic/Analytical
- Operational
- Mapping for Field and Trade

- Clients

- Testimonials
- Case Studies

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